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Friday, April 4, 2008

Uhhhh, about that warm air....

So the warm stuff was having a tough time as of 9am this morning. After last night's sleet (see below), a cold air dam was set up much like a winter ice storm would do. Cold air is more dense and can get blocked up against the mountains. In the mountains themselves like Morgantown, WV it was 54F. The warm air can clip the higher elevations with this inversion (warm air aloft, cold air below). Warm air will also flow up along the coast such as Salisbury at 51F. Unfortunately we were stuck with the north wind and lucky to make it back into the lower 40s. This boundary did behave as expected (after the sleet) with fog and drizzle. That should break at the warm air sends rain with it today and tomorrow morning.
Here is an active view of the the Eastern US that should update every time you reload this page. As of 9am, BWI has recorded .70" of rain since it began Thursday afternoon. We still have a ways to go to reach my initial 2-3 inch forecast. Our best chance of heavy rain will be tonight into Saturday morning.
While we may have a chance at some thunder, the severe storm outbreak should be in the deep south near Mississippi, Alabama Georgia. The good news is that the front looks like it should pass to our south tomorrow and take most of the rain with it by the afternoon. I can't rule out some scattered showers popping up again in the afternoon or evening Saturday into Sunday morning, but gradually the atmosphere will stabilize. That would mean a more promising Sunday aftrernoon, even if it's just below the normal 61F.

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