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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pattern of warm and wet days. Phoenix Lights Answered (video).

Today will turn out to be another beautiful day with sunshine and temps in the upper 70s with low humidity. The story is that Thursdays and Fridays have been warm for the past month. I noticed this since I started running and use Thursday as my 'hills' day. Warm weather can make running hard- so it stuck out in my mind. Here's the warm pattern:
Thu- March 24th- 64F (+9) Fri - March 28th - 70F (+12) Thu- April 10th- 73F (+10) Fri - Apr 11th - 78F (+15) Thu - Apr 17th- 76F (+11) Fri - Apr 18th - 85F (+13)

The wet pattern is probably more noticeable since it falls on the weekends. I have noticed that 7 of the past 8 weekends have had wet weather. That is heavy weight in a statistical report. Here is the breakdown:
Saturday Sunday
March 1 (.02") 2-dry 8 (.24") 9-dry 15(.01") 16(.17") 22(0.01") 23-dry 29- dry 30-dry

April 5(trace) 6(.30") 12(trace) 13(.02") 19-dry 20(.65")
So as for this weekend....
With snow continuing our in the Rockies and severe storms in the south, you had to figure that our pleasant weather would not last long. Here are the forecast maps from the GFS model. A warm front will approach on Friday evening with a SE wind. That will be the sign of increasing moisture and clouds. Saturday's map here shows a cold front reaching us by evening with an increased chance of rain all day. Sunday map shows the tail end of that front will have another wave of low pressure develop and bring us more rain lasting into Monday.

Here is the video report from ABC News about the Hoax of UFO lights in Phoenix this week. No wonder the video was of video on a TV. That should have been the first red flag.

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