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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chill on Global Warming Bill

We are currently in a volatile environment, however that is all a matter of perspective. For some it's about the housing and credit crunch. For others, it's the rising costs of food and fuel. Still the debate on the atmospheric environment comes into play for a few reasons. First, how bad is it? Just like that blue line painted in Annapolis in March- is there a misleading idea of future flooding? Or is the latest ice chunk breaking off of Antarctica really a sign of progressive warming? The debate continues (even though you don't read much in the papers or hear much on TV) about the human vs. natural influence on recent warming and future expectations. Second, what can we afford to do? We all want lower energy bills, and I have yet to find someone who wants to hurt the environment. However, is overly aggressive legislation cost effective? Some claim a moral dilemma since there 'might not be a future' if we don't act now. While many see the short term more important. How can we worry about potential conditions decades or centuries away while some can't get through tomorrow. Here in Maryland, taxes have just gone up in addition to the other costs mentioned, yet some additional costs would seriously push many over the edge. Cutting carbon emissions 25% by 2020 and 90% by 2050 seemed a little too progression for the Maryland Assembly. See how Maryland's Global Warming Bill died yesterday. It's unfortunate that there were also cuts to Save The Bay, but it does show that the worst case scenario will not play out, and you get to keep some of your hard earned money. With Earth Day approaching on April 22, I will try to stay away from the debate and policy stuff, and focus on the water with our National Aquarium relationship.
So what do you think? Are we already paying too much? Are we not paying enough for our 'potential' future? Just thought I would spark some debate either with your comments here or in your own conversation.
Back to our local weather- a return to normal begins today. While we still have that cool easterly wind, a few breaks in the cloud deck will get us back into the mid 50s. Tomorrow and Thursday, a shift in the wind should boost us back to the 60s and nearly 70F. We can thank the stormy pattern to our west, staying west... at least for now. The push of showers will reach us by Friday and into the weekend. The good news, no cold air in sight. It seems safe for plants, and promise for the lawns needing a cut by the end of the week.

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