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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Surprise Party? Visitors From another Planet? Go Blue Not Green!

UFO over Phoenix?
Our sister station ABC15 in Phoenix has exclusive video(note the format was not compliant so it is video of a TV screen) of light formations in the sky overnight. An official from Luke Air Force Base stated that they do not have any aircraft in the sky tonight and that the lights are not part of any Air Force activities. So, are we being visited? Here is another report from 12News with a pictures of four red lights in unique formation. Below is a you tube video clip from 2006 with strange lights once again over Phoenix.

Don't Scream a Green Theme...Go Blue!
I have spent a lot of time sharing information on this blog that is not played up in the mainstream. Scientific information that should calm alarmist thoughts about our atmosphere and stop the fear brainwashing our children. I realize that there is such emotion with this issue it is hard to break through and get some to listen to facts they don't want to hear. Some of my colleagues and fellow atmospheric scientists are getting tired of the discussion. I will not give up sharing proper information, but decided not to fight today. Instead- I want to direct your energy away from the Green theme and Go Blue. All this green talk, and we forget that the planet is 71% water. The recent ban of the crab harvest from the Chesapeake is due to dwindling populations... and of course the protection of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
Much more for your love of the sea can be found at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Below I have posted another You Tube clip of the BBC program Blue Planet- Deep Sea. It is broken up into 10 minute parts- so you can take a break from your work and get your sea fix. Enjoy.

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