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Monday, April 7, 2008

Darn Drizzle Dampens Day

To understand today, let's take a look at yesterday:
While we lucked out to dry out on Saturday, but the stagnant easterly flow redeveloped on Sunday as Low Pressure in the souther states hangs on. That wind pulls moisture off of the Atlantic and Chesapeake. As it rides up the higher terrain, the super saturated air will condense more with low clouds and drizzle. It's on the other side of the mountains that the same wind flows down the mountains and dries out. I've highlighted that with the yellow line on this morning's satellite image, but it was the same yesterday and will linger into tomorrow. That is why we were stuck in the lower 50s, while Pittsburgh and Charleston, WV hit the 60s in the sun. Normally our wind is from a westerly direction- which is dry. Seattle for example, also has an typical westerly wind, but that comes off of the Pacific Ocean- which brings weather like this much more often.
If you think this flip is isolated to weather- think again. The Orioles are on top of the American League East with a record of 4 and 1, while the Mariners are on the bottom of the American League West with a record of 2 and 4.
Today's afternoon game will likely be played, but it won't be fun with temperatures 10 degrees below normal:

On this date:
Normals 62F/39F
Records: Low 22F in 1982
High: 93 in 1929

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