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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flares on Balloons?

It appears that there might have been a hoax involved with the lights over Phoenix Monday night.
A man has come forward saying that he saw his neighbor launch helium balloons with flares hanging from them. More from It might be a disappointment to some, and this goes beyond the scope of my blog. One day, maybe....
As for the local weather scene- it gets a little boring again. We did have some morning fog, as you can see here from our camera a Villa Julie College, in Baltimore County.
We can thank clear skies overnight, moist ground from recent rain, and a light easterly flow to get this to form. Usually this 'radiation fog' forms in valleys where the temperature gets colder and can reach the dew point first. You'll notice the parking lot does not have fog, since the blacktop holds in some of the heat. The hilltops also were fog free since overnight conditions create and inversion- warmer air rises and sits just above the ground, while the valley floors cools off. During the day, the sun heats up the ground, and the lower elevations end up warmer than the surrounding hills as that rising air cools.

Today a little nudge from New England's High and the old Low gets pushed farther away and we end up with a nice day. The weekend unfortunately looks to be a little wet, as this slow moving pattern settles another front near Maryland. I will go a little deeper into that tomorrow.

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