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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bertha Rips Coast- From a Distance

It's been nearly a week and a half, and Bertha has slowed to a crawl- on the other side of Bermuda. While it has turned to corner, and is expected to stay far out to sea, the waves have made their way to the east coast. Bertha had some help. Here you can see the clockwise wind around the Atlantic High Pressure, and eave the counter clockwise flow around a wave of Low Pressure that has formed along our old frontal boundary just off the coast. All has provided the push of waves and rip of the tide. Here you can read how the lifeguards on the Jersey shore had to stay alert all weekend.

The added humidity and the approaching cold front from the Ohio Valley will spark some strong thunderstorms later today. The Storm Prediction Center has the slight risk of Severe Storms (large hail and damaging wind) for the mountains just to our west. I have two concerns here for us locally:
1st: The wind direction. Much like yesterday, I expect a south to southeast flow. That southeast wind direction adds humidity off of the bay, and upslope for the metro area north and west of the beltway. That can enhance any showers that develop in the mountains. So while you may sometimes watch storms in the mountains tear apart or skip north of us, this is a situation where we will have to watch whatever develops potential reach us by this evening.
2nd: There is a bit of traffic off the coast to our east. That will likely slow the front down. While the models have it passing through Monday morning, it may linger and keep the chance around for my round of golf in the afternoon. It's only my second round this year, so I have an agenda. I'd like to clear us out completely, but Monday afternoon showers may redevelop near the bay and the eastern shore...

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