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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heat: Right On Schedule

The middle of July is climatologically the hottest time of the year. Just look at the graph and you can see the average high temperatures are in July. It's called the seasonal temperature lag. Even though the sun has been dropping lower in the sky, and the days have been getting shorter in the past month, the ground and water are still warming up. The air temperature begins to drop in August, but the ocean water reaches it's peak in September- coinciding with the peak of Hurricane season.
Here is my forecast (from Wednesday morning). I expect the next 5 days to be in the 90s... but this is not too oppressive.

Rip Currents: Bertha continues to move away, and the undertow will ease up, but it has been a deadly week on the East coast. Click this link for more information on Rip Current safety.

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