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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Halfway Through The Year

July 1st marks the beginning of the second half of the calendar year. So far here is how we stack so far:
Snowfall: -9.7 inches (below normal)
Rainfall: +2.99 inches (above normal)

Temperature: Note Degree days are based on the daily average of 65F. This is the basis for planting crops and energy management. If the average of the High and Low temperature for a day is 45F, that would be 20 cooling degree days. If the average for a day is 75F, that would be 10 heating degree days.
Heating Degree Days Used in cooler seasons. Daily average below 65F
-396 (less than normal- or slight warmer)

Cooling Degree Days- Used in warmer seasons. Daily average above 65F
+34 (slightly more than normal- or cooler).

Our weather pattern shows that a mild winter has not translated into the spring and summer. While we still have a most of the summer to go, we have had a trend of near or below normal temperatures. We can thank the second wettest May on record for that.

Coolest Day of the Week:

This upper level low will spin overhead today, and lift out tomorrow. But while it is here- it will provide enough instability to make it feel almost like autumn. A clear morning will quickly turn cloudy as ground warming and cool air aloft interact. More showers and storms likely this afternoon as well.
We will warm in a hurry tomorrow back into the mid and upper 80s. Outlook for the 4th could be wet. More on that tomorrow.

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