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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Dolly, Goodbye Justin- Sort of...

As Dolly bears down on the TX coast, I want to point out one thing:
A category 1 storm in strengthening mode can be more destructive than a
Cat 2 making landfall while weakening. Dolly has tightened up this
morning and could reach Cat 2, but will hold together a bit inland
while slowing down forward movement.

Flooding is likely as we break the heat wave. Our front has nothing
to do with Dolly, but will give us our own problems as it slows down.
I expect 1-3 inches of rain beginning mid day...

I will be gone for some, uh, research for a few days. I will be
testing my new iPhone's capabilities on location with all it can do.
This blog was sent from my iphone along with this picture of the
StormCenter. I will post more along the way so let's see how it holds up. I'll be back in the station
next week.

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