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Monday, July 14, 2008

Front Crawls, We Get Healthy Rain

Rain For Some:
Like I mentioned yesterday:
In part thanks to Bertha near Bermuda and the traffic jam off of the coast, our cold front put on the brakes last night. Here you can see the Rainfall Totals ending at 5am. They ranged from about 1.5 inches in Carrol and Howard Counties to nearly nothing on the Eastern Shore.
With the front on the move, you can, you can track todays rainfall in Rock Hall at Belcak's weather station. Very Cool!

East Coast Traffic Jam
Here is the surface map and infrared satellite from this morning. There is High Pressure stuck between our front and TS Bertha. Regardless, it's all stuck. As Bertha begins to make the turn and move on it's way, we will get that front out of here. In the process, we hope for our clearing this afternoon. I have my own motive- a round of golf this afternoon. It's only my second round of the year, and my family at the beach, I need to get this in. I think it will work out, but that's here in Baltimore. Planning golf or a day at the pool on the Eastern Shore- uh, I don't think so. This front will be your headache in the afternoon.
We all get a break tomorrow, and a return of 90 degree heat for the second half of the week.
The tropics are looking a bit more active, with a few waves under scrutiny near the ITCZ. Below is the wide view. That Wave #1 has a high probability of becoming Cristobal.

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