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Friday, July 18, 2008

Here We Go: More Heat and Humidity

Yuk! I hate this stuff. I've said it before, but until I can unzip my skin, there I'd rather have the cold and pile on another layer.
It's high pressure that provides sinking air to limit the clouds, and the wind. Combine that with high July sun angle and temps in the middle 90s- and the pollution has not place to go. This Code red, essential means: Stay inside if you can. By reading this, you are likely in an air conditioned home or library. Stay! I don't se much change until maybe some storms roll in late night Saturday, but that will likely be to our north. So it's Sunday and beyond when the humidity will have a chance to burst some storms. It will take a few days to break though....

How about the Cecil County Fair? That begins today. I wrote about my NorthEast /ElkNeck visit already, but the people up there were so nice, it's worth another plug. You can find out more of the action here.

Kiss Your Asteroid
Do you see it?
This graphic shows the new asteroid named 21619 Johnshopkins. It replaces the old name 1999 JN136 . Hope that clears it up. More can be found here, or by clicking the image at the left.

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