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Monday, July 7, 2008

Maryland Swamp! Berthan Now a Hurricane

How about that rain? A burst of tropical rain moved through Baltimore and Harford Counties around 3 and 4 this morning. Some spots had over 1 inch of rain. Considering the rain over the weekend, and we are making up for the lack of wet weather in June.
Here is the projected rainfall for today. An average of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. However, local storms (like this morning) can easily dump over 1 inch.
This whole will take another two days to move off of the coast, and it will just be a waiting game. Watching the radar will determine when the showers pop up, and where they move. It's going to be some daytime heating that will provide the trigger.

This is the update from 5am. I've got more images on my old tropics page. Click the image for more. The track shows a typical curve before reaching the US coastline. This is in part due to our coastal front that will be on the move and help steer this storm. Bermuda may be under the gun, but there is a wide range of error at day 5. It will be interesting to compare the actual track to this forecast on Friday.

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