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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great Today- Outlook for July4th Not So Good!

Often the big blue H on the weather map translates to blue sky. "Blue High, Blue Sky", is what I used to tell my students.
Well this one has warmed up the mid levels of the atmosphere, so we will likely hold off the development of the abundant clouds the last few days brought us during the afternoons. This will be a quick mover, so the shift to a warmer southerly wind will be here Thursday. That means a return back into the 90s, and a little more humidity. Par for the the July course.

However, things start slowing down over the weekend. That High will find a happy home off of the coast, near Bermuda. That is a common summer event. One that in many summers would bring us those famous heat waves. This ridge of HIGH Pressure is not large enough and will move too far to the east before it settles in place. That will all the next cold front to slow down and possible stall overhead. The timing is all wrong- on the holiday weekend.
I want to see how the models handle this today and tomorrow. But now it does look like our rain chances go up especially Sunday.

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