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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Storm Gone, Humidity Dropping

I was out in Chestertown yesterday working on a story for Good Morning Maryland (it will air July 25th). This storm that blew through brought them over 1 inch of rain and this lightning display. That was 1,535 lightning strikes in a 30 minute span. This was one of those storms that grew strong crossing the bay. Funny how the locals were just telling me that most of this summer has been the opposite.
I just found a local weather station that has peaked my interest and look forward to sharing more later. Unfortunately I am out the door for more- another one of the 1 tank trips.
Enjoy the improving weather. It will stick around through most of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

you were in chestertown awesome! were u there during the storm.i wish i would of known it be wesome to meet you. Im gary from millington the one that emails you. i love to read your blogs by the way

Justin Berk, AMS CBM said...

Booman himself. Maybe next time Gary. Thanks for the plug. You are my eyes for the MD/De border.