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Friday, February 22, 2008

About that Ice...This afternoon

So I tried to take the blame for over doing the snow- especially on the north side. I thought this morning burst would bring more snow, but it actually stopped for a few hours on that north side. that's what ended any potential for my forecast. Not a full bust, I admit my mistake. Otherwise, this is all behaving as expected. Mostly freezing rain, and a slow process of warming up. Here is my Afternoon Breakdown. It will not be perfect, but as close as I can get to show the places that hang on to the ice. At our news meeting this morning, I mentioned to draw a line from I-70 through the city and up I-95 in Harford and Cecil counties. Anywhere north will be the Roads will likely stay wet, while windshields freeze if you drive. The first morning model package is showing a general .1-.2 inches of ice potential...
The hardest thing today will be to watch the surface temperatures.
As I write this at 10am:
ABC2- Baltimore/Towson: 27F
BWI: 30F
Annapolis (many stations): 30-32F
Westminster: 25F
Easton: 30F

This morning map shows the developing Low with the second wave of rain and freezing rain on the way this afternoon.
There are county breakdown pages with camera images and local weather stations in the tabs above.


Bill Szczytko said...

The hardest part for you and predicting this mess is WHERE DOES THE DRYSLOT SETUP? The answer is more than obvious now with that massive bubble sitting over top of us. The dual systems that AREN't converging... to me seems to smell of caution in forecasting. That pesky dryslot will be nearby. Today .. it's having lunch with me.

Justin said...

Dry slots are even harder to call when there is no surface feature to associate it with. I would classify it more as a mid level split or decoupling of the potential phasing of the northern and southern branch. The difluent flow horizontally can act just like a vertical downslope. Either way, it stinks.
Hate to rub it in, but there was a fresh 3 inches at my house- at least left now after being rained on...Wish I could share it