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Monday, February 4, 2008

Importance of Numbers


The week of the 2007 season when the Giant last played New England, and almost won.
The starting yard line of the Giants Final Drive.
Plaxico Burress' Jersey number. He caught the winning touchdown.
The winning score: giants 17-Patriots 14
OK- yes I am a Giant's fan. I grew up in NY and had to keep it under wraps in B'more. I did actually pull for the Raven's in 2000 and my dad almost disowned me. Regardless, it was a great game, a short night of sleep and a lot of red eyes this morning.
Temperatures: I could not keep my number's theme away from the weather. It will warm to spring levels the next few days. I am forecasting 65F (that's more than 17 degrees above normal) on Wednesday- but that will be with strong wind and heavy rain. Thunderstorms possible as well with a strong cold front. The return of winter will bring us back into the 30s by the weekend the chance of snow showers. I am tired- so I'll have to just point you to my TV Graphics page for my maps.

TV Poll: I posted one on the right this weekend. I just wanted to see what your habits are an open a discussion of morning TV. While I get to see the traffic on my blog- that doesn't always correlate to the flawed ratings system. Neilsen has roughly 350 homes that represent nearly 1 million viewing homes in our area. Of course I would like to help boost our ratings, but I was curious as to how many of you that read this blog- don't watch our morning show. I should add an option for not watching morning TV- but can't change the poll while it's in session.
Just curious...

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