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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It Snowed- 60 miles east and south...

Some spots have iced up, but we missed the snow. We had flurries, but it was 1/2" to 2 inches on the Eastern Shore. Ocean City also had snow on the beach. Here is the radar from 3:02 this morning showing the band of snow I expected to develop- just missing us. In fact this does look a lot like the GFS map plot, but I did expect, and hope we would get some of that before it departed. Well, they did get nearly an inch or so from Easton to Ocean City.
All we get now is a day full of sun and a flag full of wind! It had already gusted over 40mph this morning, and will be gusty most of the day. While we will get close to 40F, it will feel like the mid 20s.

The weekend storm is looking less promising. Our lifting trough will make it tough for the next storm to ride up our side of the mountains. That means an OH Valley track and a rain event for us Monday. We may have some cold air left on Sunday for a start of snow or a mix- but the warm air will win again.


Bill said...

This is a no DUH comment but this pattern is brutal for those on the east side of the mountains. SE ridge wins again.

Justin said...

I feel your pain. Trust me! But I have not lost faith. This has been an historic winter for most of the nation. Something will sneak out and get us. There is still time.
"Faith in the Flakes"

Bill said...

I love your optimism! Watching the ridge "bounce" the storms to the Lakes has been tough to watch. March is coming but ... the signs are bad. Here's to hoping!