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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Or should we call it Soup-er Foggy? There was a dramatic development of fog between 4am and 5:30am that dropped visibility down to less than 100 feet in spots.
I can not post our time lapse loop here (I am working on it), but below is Glen Burnie from AA Comm College. The lights are on Richie Highway. Visibility severely limited with some reports down to near ZERO:

This is a textbook result from a moist cool damp easterly wind about to be displaced by a warm front. Fog often get very thick as the warm air is about to move in. In fact the warm air moves in aloft first since it is less dense and rises. But it does take a while to move in at ground level.
These fronts are often slow, but the fog should lift as we remain mostly cloudy this afternoon. Temperatures will jump into the 60s, but the threat of rain linger through tomorrow- just before the cold air returns.

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