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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cupid's Cruel Trick- Ice-2nd Year in a Row

It was exactly 1 year ago- just before Valentine's Day, when we had to deal with one of the worst sleet storms in recent memory.
Here is a cleaner map that what I posted last night. I must say that I-83 from PA line south is mostly wet, but a lot of ice has collected on trees, power lines and side roads. Yesterday's snow added to it north of Mt. Carmel... so the threat of downed trees and power lines will be increased in the areas highlighted here: North Harford Zone, Hereford Zone, and Carroll County.
In fact, these areas will likely add more ice this morning, as near the beltway temperatures are ranging from 31.5F to 32.5F However, there are spots near 34F- so the warm air is slowly winning. It will be tough to point out who is still icy. Just play safe, as ice does not melt immediately. In fact a layer of rain water on top of melting ice could be just as slick!
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