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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Back To Reality

Yesterday we broke a 70 year old record with our High temperature of 72F. More tornadoes and fatalities, the storm report is at the bottom of this post.

Today is a bit more like winter, albeit with slightly warmer than normal temperatures. This is just the transition in our pattern change I promised last week. I mention promise because I caught some flack from some of you who did not believe me.
Here is the visible satellite form 11am showing how the cold air advection often result in wide variety of weather observations. The yellow circle highlights the clear skies and low 50s south of Annapolis, while clouds increase around Baltimore, and it was overcast on the north side of the beltway with temps in the low 40s. The westerly winds (blue) interact with the mountains to produce wave clouds that break up as the downslope winds push closer to the coast.

I still anticipate snow showers and much colder temperatures this weekend. I am in a time crunch, so I will tackle that tomorrow.
Below is the map of Wednesday's Storm Reports: Only 2 tornadoes, but this is part of the deadliest outbreak in two decades.

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